Firewood Processor HFP150Compact

The Hahn HFP150Compact is the latest addition to the Hahn line of firewood processing attachments for skid loaders, compact track and wheel loaders, and excavators. Like its big brother the HFP160, this new processor can pick up a log off the ground or deck, cut and split it into firewood with all functions being performed by one operator from the comfort and safety of the loader’s cab. When compared to HFP160, the HFP150Compact is simpler, smaller, and lighter and is well suited to most mid-sized loaders with auxiliary flows of 15.5 gpm and is an ideal fit for the person who uses a lot of firewood but doesn’t need the production capacity of the larger commercial units.

The HFP150Compact makes extensive use of high strength steel and incorporates industrial grade components to ensure excellent availability and a long service life. Production is enhanced through the use of a solid state programmable controller, regenerative splitter circuit and Oregon’s 18HX Harvester Series bar and chain. Designed for easy operation, the HFP150Compact is controlled by eight push buttons attached to the loader’s joysticks and features auto retract on the saw and splitter and the optional hydraulically adjustable 4-way and 6-way splitters enable the operator to produce uniformly sized firewood from a variety of log sizes up to 15” diameter.

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Download the HFP150Compact Spec Sheet here: HahnHFP150 Spec Sheet
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