Hahn Machinery, Inc.

Introduced in the mid-sixties, the Hahn Harvester was the first roadside processor to hit the North American market. Designed by logging contractor, Ray Hahn, the machine was simple, affordable and productive and, when combined with a grapple skidder and feller buncher, made logging operations much safer because nobody was on the ground!

Since those days, Hahn machinery has expanded its line of forestry equipment to include shortwood processors, tree length processors, slasher merchandisers, single grip harvesters and firewood processors. Now, there are Hahn Harvesters suitable for hardwood logging as well as softwood and for thinning operations as well as final cuts. The machines are simple, rugged, and economical to own and operate and will continue to produce long after the last payment has been made.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Hahn Machinery is a leader in the development of “common sense” forestry machinery and continues to upgrade and expand its model line to suit the needs of the ever-changing forest industry.